Qingdao CapitaLand,Shandong



Case Overview

· Architecture Design: Laguarda.Low Architects (LLA)
· Interior Design: Laguarda.Low Architects (LLA)
· Landscape Design: AoYa
· Lighting Design: BPI
· Product:Guangdong Shone Lighting Co., Ltd


Cade Mall New City Central

stand upon Shuang Shan Station

of the North Railway Square of Qing Dao Province.

It is the only shopping mall being built

directly on top of the railway station within the CBD,

advanced in it’s unique superiority in transportation.

The building has adequately combining cities’ features,

centralizing oceanic element, open terrace,

outdoor dining, cross-layer catering and hanging garden,

in order to become a social area

where natural ecology and urbanization were harmonized.

The construction and interior design of

Cade Mall New City Central were taken over by the

American Architecture Design Company Laguarda.Low Architects (LLA).

In the uses of wavy line,

and as they are grouped and stacked in different

combinations in a well-proportioned way,

the building is able to show its gorgeous from all the angles.

While at night,

the lighting belt hiding under the shadow of the cowl flaps

would light up in every corners,

depicting the dexterous posture of the building.

The details of angles and jointing for these lamp slot node

and lighting belts have been optimized

and experimented repeatedly

to make sure they present the best effect.

These lighting belts were tuned in natural color gradients

and were attached steadily on top of the cuticular layer,

work well for being static or dynamic.

Every cross-layer levels and entrances of the building

have a red aluminum board

which will be illuminated evenly using floodlight.

These light carriers would be more recognizable

and have stronger visual impacts on the building at night.

In combination with the lights,

the language of the building at night is definable.



LED Linear Light 15*30*1000/500/300mm

LED Linear Light 38*39*1000mm


2000+ pieces