Midea real estate Plaza


Midea real estate Plaza

is located in Beijiao Town, Foshan,

including a super high-rise office building,

three apartments and commercial podium.

In order to avoid obvious joint dark area

and ensure the uniformity of the surface,

the shone’s light-emitting brick technology

is adopted in the commercial facade,

which is hung on the wall like the stone,

achieving a soft, uniform and clean luminous effect.

△ Light Type:Customized 596*26mm、296*26mm、46*26mm LED Wall Tile

The main entrance of the commercial plaza

uses RGBW lamps to illuminate the daylighting film,

forming color changes to increase the commercial tmosphere.

Among them,

the canopy at the entrance of the mall adopts

shone’s linear lights and flood lights.

The shone’s linear lights

are hidden into the building,

and they can create a pleasant view at night.

The glass box LED lamps in the podium part of the

podium can be controlled with the canopy,

which can realize the color uniformity of

the entire commercial podium,

and the soft changes are excessive.