Hengmingzhu Financial Center



Case Overview

Name : Hengmingzhu Financial Center
Location : Shenzhen
Ower : Shenzhen Hengmingzhu Group
Lighting Design :LEOX design partnership(Lighting consultant)
Construction : R&H Lighting Design(Deepen the design and construction unit)
Luminaire Provider :Guangdong Shone Lighting Co., Ltd(Linear Wall washer)
Finished Time :2020


Hengmingzhu Financial Center,

with a building height of 230 meters,

is the tallest building in western Shenzhen

and the first financial industry coordinate in Baoan District.

This project is a typical case of

"seeing the light but not the light".

The biggest highlight of the design is

the outer contour part.

The lamps and curtain wall aluminum panels

are made into one body,

which not only improves the overall efficiency,

makes the lamps and the curtain wall fit better,

ensures the integrity and aesthetics of

the exterior space of the building,

and effectively avoids indoor glare.


Light Type

30x30x1100/1000/500/300mm Linear Light

42x41x1000/300mm Linear Light


888 pieces