The Great Vows Buddhism Park, Anhui


Pure Land - Lotus

Lotus “Live in the silt but not imbrued”.

Lotus has the deep meaning in the Buddhism,

which symbolizes the purity and holiness of Buddhism.

The Great Vows Buddhism Park is one of the

largest Buddhism cultural attractions in the world,

and also the landmark landscape of Jiuhua Mountain

to be built as an international Buddhist place

where the Buddhist rites are performed.

Shone’s LED lotus Brick is customized to match the religious atmosphere.

With the sensor in the lotus LED brick, when visitors step on it,

the lotus will gradually brighten and fade,

which would be a wonderful experience for visitors.

Together with the building and the lights,

visitors would get spiritual peace and harmony

that deepen their faith and belief.



600x600x72mm LED Lotus Brick

1200x1200x97mm LED Lotus Brick